Friday, December 26, 2008


Edible that is..yum another fav of ours!! to make this you need:
1 box corn chex cereal

1 box cheerios cereal

1 bag plain M&Ms

1 bag pretzel sticks

1 can unsalted peanuts

1 bag wiltons white melting chocolate

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, melt the chocolate to the directions on the bag. Pour over the ingredients in the bowl stir to coat all well. Let cool and break apart store in an airtight container..ENJOY!


pammi said...

this looks soooooooooo good!! wish i had all the goodies id make up some right now!!!

jenny holiday said...

This looks and sounds so good....I wouldn't even care if people called me a garbage belly!! ;)

I have to make some!!!!!

Thanks for popping by my blog!!!

XOXO Jenny